Unique Perks For Restaurant Employees

The restaurant industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates. Long working hours, late nights are some of the factors that cause this problem. Restaurant owners and managers have to be innovative in their approach to find out new and unique ways to improve employee retention.

Employee benefits do not have to be traditional or expensive. With a little creative thinking, you can come up with great ideas for employee retention that are not necessarily heavy on your pocket.
Here are some unique employee benefits and amenities that you can offer the restaurant employees that will help you keep both your new and existing staff members happy and retained.

Free Meals
Employees in a restaurant work through meal preparing and serving food, however, they rarely get the opportunity to sample these meals. Offering shift meals or rewarding gift certificates to employees that they can redeem at the restaurant is a great way of boosting morale as well as employee engagement.
Often enough a major portion of food in a restaurant is thrown away. Instead, giving the surplus food to employees can be used as an innovative tool for the employee satisfaction as well as waste management approach.

Shower Rooms
Work in a restaurant involves a good amount of dirt and sweat. Providing shower rooms as an amenity for employees with tankless heaters on a budget can definitely keep your employees fresh and happy.
This will also help you maintain a better standard of personal hygiene of your employees that help you get better reviews from customers.

Transportation Remuneration
Sustaining a lifestyle off tipped wage is a difficult task. Helping your restaurant employees with their transportation cost is a great way to employee retention. Be innovative to ensure you do not end up paying a hefty sum for the transportation cost of your employees. Instead, arrange to subsidize parking garage cost or encouraging healthy alternatives like cycling, using buses or carpooling.

Cash Reward
Using cash as rewards may seem like an expensive employee engagement method; however, if you think innovative ideas, you can definitely drive some engaging options without stretching your budget too much. You can offer cash rewards to staff with minimal or no sick leaves or even reward the employees who are always on time This will also help you regulate absenteeism and late login.

Celebrating Birthdays & Anniversaries
Remembering your staffs’ Birthdays and Anniversaries is a great way to let your employees know your appreciation towards them. You can celebrate Birthdays of all your employees forequarter or a month depending on the size of your team to make it budget friendly. You can gift them a gift card, additional vacation time, or a floating personal time off as a gift. Knowing that their personal milestones are celebrated by the employer goes a long way in building employee loyalty.

Team Building Events
Team Building Events and activities can go a long way in helping develop employee kinship and make your restaurant a great place to work at. Use different occasions like team meal to try out a new item in the menu or a round of beers after a long shift. Outdoor events like Rock climbing, hiking, paintballing, bowling, are also a great way to help team bonding.

Professional Development
Professional development is something that is rarely looked at while working in a restaurant. You can be the trendsetter and come focusing on professional development. Organising small workshops or training sessions in customer skills or inviting local celebrity chefs for cooking classes can help keep your employees engaged as well as improve skill sets of your employees.

Work/Life Balance
Maintaining a work-life balance is difficult, more so when it comes to the restaurant. However, encouraging your employees to take breaks and personal time off as a way of managing work-life balance can go a long way towards employee retention.