Unique Perks For Restaurant Employees

The restaurant industry has one of the highest employee turnover rates. Long working hours, late nights are some of the factors that cause this problem. Restaurant owners and managers have to be innovative in their approach to find out new and unique ways to improve employee retention.

Employee benefits do not have to be traditional or expensive. With a little creative thinking, you can come up with great ideas for employee retention that are not necessarily heavy on your pocket.
Here are some unique employee benefits and amenities that you can offer the restaurant employees that will help you keep both your new and existing staff members happy and retained.

Free Meals
Employees in a restaurant work through meal preparing and serving food, however, they rarely get the opportunity to sample these meals. Offering shift meals or rewarding gift certificates to employees that they can redeem at the restaurant is a great way of boosting morale as well as employee engagement.
Often enough a major portion of food in a restaurant is thrown away. Instead, giving the surplus food to employees can be used as an innovative tool for the employee satisfaction as well as waste management approach.

Shower Rooms
Work in a restaurant involves a good amount of dirt and sweat. Providing shower rooms as an amenity for employees with tankless heaters on a budget can definitely keep your employees fresh and happy.
This will also help you maintain a better standard of personal hygiene of your employees that help you get better reviews from customers.

Transportation Remuneration
Sustaining a lifestyle off tipped wage is a difficult task. Helping your restaurant employees with their transportation cost is a great way to employee retention. Be innovative to ensure you do not end up paying a hefty sum for the transportation cost of your employees. Instead, arrange to subsidize parking garage cost or encouraging healthy alternatives like cycling, using buses or carpooling.

Cash Reward
Using cash as rewards may seem like an expensive employee engagement method; however, if you think innovative ideas, you can definitely drive some engaging options without stretching your budget too much. You can offer cash rewards to staff with minimal or no sick leaves or even reward the employees who are always on time This will also help you regulate absenteeism and late login.

Celebrating Birthdays & Anniversaries
Remembering your staffs’ Birthdays and Anniversaries is a great way to let your employees know your appreciation towards them. You can celebrate Birthdays of all your employees forequarter or a month depending on the size of your team to make it budget friendly. You can gift them a gift card, additional vacation time, or a floating personal time off as a gift. Knowing that their personal milestones are celebrated by the employer goes a long way in building employee loyalty.

Team Building Events
Team Building Events and activities can go a long way in helping develop employee kinship and make your restaurant a great place to work at. Use different occasions like team meal to try out a new item in the menu or a round of beers after a long shift. Outdoor events like Rock climbing, hiking, paintballing, bowling, are also a great way to help team bonding.

Professional Development
Professional development is something that is rarely looked at while working in a restaurant. You can be the trendsetter and come focusing on professional development. Organising small workshops or training sessions in customer skills or inviting local celebrity chefs for cooking classes can help keep your employees engaged as well as improve skill sets of your employees.

Work/Life Balance
Maintaining a work-life balance is difficult, more so when it comes to the restaurant. However, encouraging your employees to take breaks and personal time off as a way of managing work-life balance can go a long way towards employee retention.

French Cooking Terms You Should Know

French dishes are revolutionary to say the least. Many of the dishes continue to define the essence of
tasteful culinary art. It is no wonder that the French have lent to the world a host of cooking terms. French cooking terms and phrases are very common in professional culinary circles. Even at home, learning some of these terms is a basic in cooking. When you are cooking for family and friends, you can show off your culinary prowess by mentioning these intriguing terms. Below is a selection of French words and phrases that you should know:

This is a very common term and some people do not realize that it is a French word. It is used so frequently in the English language by culinary experts and people who cook out of passion. To sauté means to cook a vegetable or a meat in very hot fat in a quick way. Of course, the original French meaning is to cook in hot fat but today, it also refers to hot oil in general. Achieving this gives the food a much better taste. It is a simple process that has the power to transform meats and vegetables. There are many other foods that can be cooked this way to achieve culinary perfection.

If you are a passionate cook or a keen culinary observer, you must be familiar with this French term. If you have seen a chef cook something on a pan and suddenly a huge flame arises, this is called a flambe. It means to set an alcohol on fir. Cooking with wine or alcohol such as brandy will normally ignite this fir. It is an exciting way to achieve the desired taste.

Novelle cuisine
This is a French term that is commonly used in healthy cooking. It means using healthier ingredients for your cooking. These ingredients will not only be healthy but they must be fresh as well It also literally means that the options will be lighter This type of cuisine is popular in people who are conscious about health. Those who want to lose weight and maintain the weight will also be inclined to such cuisines. Overall, it is a way of eating that promotes better health and wellness.

Temperatures de cuisson internes pour le porc
If you want to get deeper into the French culinary phrases, the above is a common example. It refers to the internal cooking temperatures for pork. This is very important for people who want to cook the perfect pork dishes. Of course, various cuts like loins and chops will have different internal temperature needs for cooking.

This is yet another familiar term that is thrown around by chefs. It means the main course of a meal. If you are into fine dining, you will certainly come across the term; especially if you are choosing French cuisine.

Yet another term that is used widely. It refers to a broth or a stock that is gotten from meat.

This is a technique or a method for cutting vegetables and herbs. They are made into very fine stripes that resemble ribbons. Learning how to chiffonade is very easy. Roll your vegetables or herbs in a tube and then slice them perpendicularly to the roll.

Necessary Renovations for Restaurants

When you take time before visiting a restaurant the next time you eat there after reading this you might find it a bit different. This is always for the sole reason, at the initial stages, the restaurant owner will have his own taste in mind. As he stays in the business he gets people’s feedback on what they expect and that is the drive for renovations. In business, it is always a step towards taking the business to the next level. You will only do this when you also combine the services with value-added functions which will attract clients. Some of the renovations ideas for a restaurant include:

Change of color theme
A change of color theme is a step towards communication of a real change to the restaurant. When you just get into the restaurant and you just find a new color, the first thing that comes to your mind is the fact that you have better and new things. It is just psychological that you expect new things in the restaurant whether it is service or the type of food that is to be served.

Making an outdoor space
You may be overwhelmed by customers and yet you have some open space adjacent t your restaurant. That is the time you have to use creativity to make an additional space to cater for the growing demand of clients. You should make it in such a way that it is conducive for all weather conditions. Some customers just love eating in an outdoor space, do not deny them the chance for it also comes in handy to make your business a SUCCESS.

The architectural designs of furniture
With time, the furniture may be boring. It could also just experience depreciation. It is high time in your renovation budget to think of having a complete makeover of the furniture. As you do this, you should have a touch of both ancient and modern designs to attract a diverse audience.

Beautify the counter
There are a group of people who just like to eat at the counter. They love the high stools next to the cashier. At the same time, this is always the focal point. Every customer must pass through this point when paying their bills. Why not also add some touch of beauty to the main counter as a way of renovating?

The floor
The floor is also a crucial part which may require some change over time. You may have some potholes which may need some renovations, especially on the walkways. You can change the tiles, a little touch here and there will make a difference.

You really do not need a big budget when doing renovations. Just look for an affordable technician to come in handy to offer help. It will help you have a change of attitude and also increase sales. If you also have a big budget, you can make a massive renovation but it should not compromise the functioning of the restaurant for long such that people feel it is closed forever. Renovation should be done in a way that it will later on give you that fulfillment that you offered great protection for your customers aside from the great food service.

Table Tennis Player Food

Do you live to eat or eat to live? The answer is either of them depending on the context in which you look at it. The nature of your diet highly depends on your lifestyle. In fact, when you have a sedentary lifestyle it is important to check your diet. It should have a diet rich in carbohydrates and not fat. Why? You will have weight gain which will lead to lifestyle illnesses.

A table tennis player need to eat foods rich in carbohydrates, yes they add the calories but the output from the game helps to remove any excess food calories in their bodies. It will maintain a healthy body weight.

Why must ping pong players eat a carbohydrate-rich diet?

Provides energy

Table tennis is a physical intensive game which you need the energy to maintain your agility levels. Look at it from an international perspective. This is a game that you can play for long as long as you do not have a difference of two from the winning mark. How will you maintain the game when you are weak? Carbohydrates among other foods have the highest number of calories which you can change with an intensive game.

Builds body muscles

How can you play a ping pong game when you have weak muscles? You will not be able to maintain the agility levels required in an intensive game. Once carbohydrates are used in the body the excess food particles are stored in the muscles to give you the required strength to play the game.

Contains the most appropriate nutrients

The lowest form of carbohydrates is glucose. Glucose is easily absorbed into the bloodstream which gives prompt energy to help them have the required energy. Have you asked why most of the sports people get glucose during the game and the time you have to practice?

Balanced diet

Although we have put more emphasis on carbohydrates; it is important to note that the table tennis players also need other food nutrients. Have a look at their benefits


You may have the energy but when you are not in a good state of health, the energy will not be of help. Being a physical game, injuries are inevitable. How then do you expect the player to heal faster for an upcoming game? You may use drugs but you need to allow your body to fight some of the minor ailments on their own. Vitamins come in handy to repair worn out tissues.


These kinds of foods help table tennis players to build muscles and body tissues. This is the reason behind. Playing table tennis for a long time with no proper diet depletes the body. Have you seen some people who look older than their age? This is a result of poor diet with high physical performance.

The Ping Pong Table and equipment (http://www.bestpingpongtables.review) is the only sporting equipment you need to play this brain game. Although you also require some minerals to play the game for various body functions, like calcium is good for brain development.