Table Tennis Player Food

Do you live to eat or eat to live? The answer is either of them depending on the context in which you look at it. The nature of your diet highly depends on your lifestyle. In fact, when you have a sedentary lifestyle it is important to check your diet. It should have a diet rich in carbohydrates and not fat. Why? You will have weight gain which will lead to lifestyle illnesses.

A table tennis player need to eat foods rich in carbohydrates, yes they add the calories but the output from the game helps to remove any excess food calories in their bodies. It will maintain a healthy body weight.

Why must ping pong players eat a carbohydrate-rich diet?

Provides energy

Table tennis is a physical intensive game which you need the energy to maintain your agility levels. Look at it from an international perspective. This is a game that you can play for long as long as you do not have a difference of two from the winning mark. How will you maintain the game when you are weak? Carbohydrates among other foods have the highest number of calories which you can change with an intensive game.

Builds body muscles

How can you play a ping pong game when you have weak muscles? You will not be able to maintain the agility levels required in an intensive game. Once carbohydrates are used in the body the excess food particles are stored in the muscles to give you the required strength to play the game.

Contains the most appropriate nutrients

The lowest form of carbohydrates is glucose. Glucose is easily absorbed into the bloodstream which gives prompt energy to help them have the required energy. Have you asked why most of the sports people get glucose during the game and the time you have to practice?

Balanced diet

Although we have put more emphasis on carbohydrates; it is important to note that the table tennis players also need other food nutrients. Have a look at their benefits


You may have the energy but when you are not in a good state of health, the energy will not be of help. Being a physical game, injuries are inevitable. How then do you expect the player to heal faster for an upcoming game? You may use drugs but you need to allow your body to fight some of the minor ailments on their own. Vitamins come in handy to repair worn out tissues.


These kinds of foods help table tennis players to build muscles and body tissues. This is the reason behind. Playing table tennis for a long time with no proper diet depletes the body. Have you seen some people who look older than their age? This is a result of poor diet with high physical performance.

The Ping Pong Table and equipment ( is the only sporting equipment you need to play this brain game. Although you also require some minerals to play the game for various body functions, like calcium is good for brain development.

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