French Cooking Terms You Should Know

French dishes are revolutionary to say the least. Many of the dishes continue to define the essence of
tasteful culinary art. It is no wonder that the French have lent to the world a host of cooking terms. French cooking terms and phrases are very common in professional culinary circles. Even at home, learning some of these terms is a basic in cooking. When you are cooking for family and friends, you can show off your culinary prowess by mentioning these intriguing terms. Below is a selection of French words and phrases that you should know:

This is a very common term and some people do not realize that it is a French word. It is used so frequently in the English language by culinary experts and people who cook out of passion. To sauté means to cook a vegetable or a meat in very hot fat in a quick way. Of course, the original French meaning is to cook in hot fat but today, it also refers to hot oil in general. Achieving this gives the food a much better taste. It is a simple process that has the power to transform meats and vegetables. There are many other foods that can be cooked this way to achieve culinary perfection.

If you are a passionate cook or a keen culinary observer, you must be familiar with this French term. If you have seen a chef cook something on a pan and suddenly a huge flame arises, this is called a flambe. It means to set an alcohol on fir. Cooking with wine or alcohol such as brandy will normally ignite this fir. It is an exciting way to achieve the desired taste.

Novelle cuisine
This is a French term that is commonly used in healthy cooking. It means using healthier ingredients for your cooking. These ingredients will not only be healthy but they must be fresh as well It also literally means that the options will be lighter This type of cuisine is popular in people who are conscious about health. Those who want to lose weight and maintain the weight will also be inclined to such cuisines. Overall, it is a way of eating that promotes better health and wellness.

Temperatures de cuisson internes pour le porc
If you want to get deeper into the French culinary phrases, the above is a common example. It refers to the internal cooking temperatures for pork. This is very important for people who want to cook the perfect pork dishes. Of course, various cuts like loins and chops will have different internal temperature needs for cooking.

This is yet another familiar term that is thrown around by chefs. It means the main course of a meal. If you are into fine dining, you will certainly come across the term; especially if you are choosing French cuisine.

Yet another term that is used widely. It refers to a broth or a stock that is gotten from meat.

This is a technique or a method for cutting vegetables and herbs. They are made into very fine stripes that resemble ribbons. Learning how to chiffonade is very easy. Roll your vegetables or herbs in a tube and then slice them perpendicularly to the roll.